Notices for Sunday 24th April 2016

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another.”
John 13:34 (Message)

Father God, show us how to love unconditionally whether poor or rich, weaker or stronger, lesser or greater believers.

We welcome our preacher this morning who is  Rev Richard Sharples
After service tea hosts Chris and Joan

Our thanks for the flowers this morning which are given by Betti Hughes in memory of her husband Vic
Organist: Celia Williams

Sunday 1st May
11.00am       Mr Martin Woodhall
Vestry Steward – Sheila
Door Steward – Bob
Tea Hosts – Bob and Evelyn

Diary Dates

Mon 25th      Every Day with Jesus Bible Study in Lounge 10.30am
Tue 26th      Coffee Morning Llangollen 10.00am
Tue 26th      Anniversary Tea and Raffle at Rhosymedre
Wed 27th     Midweek Communion at Regent Street 11.15am
Wed 27th     “Time Out” a monthly reflective worship at Hope Parish Church  7.30pm (4th Wed in the month)
Fri 29th       Friday Lunch Club in the Hall at noon £3.00

Thu 5th        Ascension Day Service (See notice opposite)
Fri 6th         [ Charity Sale for Nightingale House
Sat 7th         [ at Llangollen 10.00am
Fri 13th        Hotpot and Quiz in the Hall 7.00pm £5

Please pray for the following:
Phyllis Davies
Isobel Holroyd
Mark Steene
Gareth Jones
Kay Davies
Dorreen Holroyd
Vanessa Woolrich
Ron Vaughan
Joe Bainbridge
Pete and Ruby Kasprowicz
Avril Williams

All those who care for those in need.
We thank God for answered prayer and ask that he helps us to understand that all things do work together for good.

Hot Pot Words And Quiz NightHOT POT and QUIZ

In the Church Hall
Friday 13th May 7.00pm
Tickets £5

Ascension DayAscension Day Service

Thursday 5th May 9.00am
A short act of worship (about 30 minutes)
At Waun Llyn Country Park (Hope Mountain)

We’re trying to organise a bacon buttie and tea/coffee afterwards but need to know how many people are coming. At the moment there is an option to go to the Cross Keys pub in Llanfynydd at a cost of £6.50 but we’re working on a cheaper option. Please let Bob Gilston if you are going.

John 13:34 (Message)

Let me give you a new command
As parents, when they take their leave of their children, in their dying moments, give them proper instructions and orders, and lay their dying injunctions on them, so Christ taking his leave of his disciples, gives them his; which were, that they

love one another:
as brethren in the same family, children of the same Father, and fellow disciples with each other; by keeping and agreeing together, praying one for another, bearing one another’s burdens, forbearing and forgiving one another, admonishing each other, and building up one another in faith and holiness: and this he calls “a new commandment”;

In the same way I loved you;
and to be observed in a new manner, not “in the oldness of the letter, but in the newness of the spirit”: besides, though this commandment, as to the matter of it, is the same with that of Moses; yet it takes in more, and “new” objects; since by “neighbour” there, seems to be meant “the children of their people”, the Jews; and so they understood it only of their countrymen, and of proselytes at furthest, whereas this reaches to any “other” person;

In the same way I loved you, you love one another;
than which, nothing can, or should, more strongly engage to it: as Christ has loved his people freely, notwithstanding all their unworthiness and ungratefulness, so should they love one another, as Christ loves all his children without any distinction, so should they love one another, whether poor or rich, weaker or stronger, lesser or greater believers; and as Christ loves them not in word only, but in deed and in truth, so should they love one another with a pure heart fervently, and by love serve one another.

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