Notices for Sunday 28th February 2016

The Master said, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.”
Luke 10:41-42 (Message)

Father God, help us to refrain from locking people into particular roles and to recognize that there is importance in both working and listening.

We welcome our preacher this morning who is  Rev Richard Sharples
After service tea hosts Keith and Myra

Our thanks for the flowers this morning which are given by Janet Bradshaw
Organist: Joan McGowan

Sunday 6th March
11.00am       Rev John Wiggall (Communion)

Diary Dates

Mon 29th      Every Day with Jesus Bible Study in Lounge 10.30am

Tue 1st         Cytun Lent Study in the lounge 7.30pm
Fri 4th         Meeting of Friday Lunch volunteers in hall 9.00am
Mon 7th        Social Evening at Llangollen Memorial Hall 7.00pm
Wed 9th       Midweek Communion at Regent Street 11.15am
Fri 11th         Line Dancing in the Church Hall 7.30pm
Sat 12th       Prayer Morning at Wrexham 9.30am – noon
Thu 17th       Circuit Meeting at Rhosymedre 7.30pm
Sat 19th       LA Resources Afternoon at Ruabon 2.00pm
Sat 19th       Ceilidh at Regent Street 7.00pm – £5/£3 in aid of Annie, Mary and James
Wed 30th     “Time Out” a monthly reflective worship at Hope Parish Church  7.30pm (4th Wed in the month)

Please pray for the following:
Phyllis Davies
Isobel Holroyd
Mark Steene
Gareth Jones
Kay Davies
Dorreen Holroyd
Vanessa Woolrich
Ron Vaughan
Keith Baugh
Pete and Ruby Kasprowicz

All those who care for those in need.
We thank God for answered prayer and ask that he helps us to understand that all things do work together for good.


Beginners welcome all ages
Learn a new skill
Meet new friends

Cowboy boots not obligatory!

Refreshments available throughout the evening
Admission £3.50
Proceeds to Church Funds


At Regent Street
Saturday 12th March
9.30am to noon

Prayer Workshops to try different styles of prayer
Including Journaling, Praying with the Psalms, Praying in the Environment, Celtic Daily prayer and using Daily Notes
Prayer Stations will be available around the church

Luke 10:38-42
There’s a generosity of spirit in this household at Bethany. Most of us can bring at least one such household to mind. A place where we can graciously accept hospitality that is graciously given. Martha & Mary are both extravagant in their own way; the one with her cooking & caring, the other with her attention giving (in this case, to Jesus). Both reflect God’s own amazing generosity to us all.

Interestingly, in John 11, after Lazarus’ death, there’s at least an element of role-reversal. It’s Mary who goes out to meet Jesus & talk theology, while Mary stays at home (passing coffee & cake for those calling to offer condolences?). Warning for us all: beware of locking people into roles. Both working & listening, praying & ‘practical Christianity’ are necessary, & both need to be part of our ‘whole armour of God’.

When Jesus tells Martha, ‘”There’s need of only one thing”, he puts his finger on both the starting point of our spiritual journey – listening to God – & at the same time, the meeting point of ‘spiritual’ & ‘practical’. Doing for others what our listening to God moves us towards. I can be neither gracious nor generous, not even genuinely open to others except as God’s Spirit makes me gracious, generous, & open.

If someone were to ask me, “Of all the households / homes in history, which one would you most like to visit?” I reckon I’d want to respond, “Could I choose two?” One, of course, would be that of the Holy Family; & the other would be Mary, Martha, & Lazarus’ home at Bethany. In both there was that divine meeting point where the ‘spiritual’ & the ‘practical’ are so melded into one as to be indistinguishable.

Brian McGowan, Anglican priest in Western Australia



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