Open The Book

open the book 2“Open the Book” is a project to offer Bible stories as part of school life. It is a programme of themed and dramatised Bible Stories, around 10 minutes long, which fit comfortably into assembly/collective worship times in schools, (these stories are also great for churches to use).

Teams of between four and seven volunteers from local churches use a variety of visual aids to present the stories in a lively, engaging and compelling way. The stories are based around the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman and every story is scripted and comes with direction guides, which Open the Book storytellers follow.

Members of Caergwrle Methodist Church have joined up with members of Hope Parish Church to present Open the Book to Primary schools in our area.

Lisa Rathbone a Pat Grimshaw Smith are co-ordinating the project.

The team presented the story of Jesus and the Taxman ( which includes a hand puppet for Zacchaeus) to assemblies at Abermorddu and Ysgol Estyn on 27th April.

The story of the Unforgiving Servant will be presented on the 11th May.

OpenThe BookThe team have had great fun and feel blessed at the rehearsals and ask for support through prayers for both the volunteers and the children of these two schools.

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